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Notes to All – Confessions of a new Car-Owner

Yes, I live in the Mumbai suburbs and have been part of commuting by auto, bus and seldom by trains.
I was one of the many who used to frown and get angry (never used to show on my face) whenever a motor vehicle – be it a motorcycle, auto, car or bus did not give me a chance to cross the road or would come speeding or moving slowly towards me so that I am unable to cross any road or junction.

Year-after-Year, it was the same me commuting by an auto or bus and the same me frowning upon the haves of motor vehicle for their indiscipline and non-empathy to pedestrians.

Bingo! End of 2008 and I booked one for myself (after a lot of introspection, watching car shows on the news channels). Well- it took me about half a year for the car to land in the town for me. Well – it landed in mid of 2009 and my life began as a haves.

And suddenly my perspective changed.
I do not despise the pedestrians though I felt that the so-called haves scorned at me when I was one. What I became aware of behind the wheels is a lot diverse:

(we) pedestrians are a smarter lot and are aware of the surroundings – we can sense the vehicles coming and calculate the time to move out of the hit-zone.

(we) pedestrians have only a moment of time and chance to calculate our move to the other side (cross the road I mean)

(we) pedestrians cannot wait for the coming vehicle to stop for us so that we can move ahead.
The govt. infrastructure prefers (I believe) that vehicles keep moving so that there is no traffic congestion elsewhere or behind.

(we) motorists cannot see a pedestrian at night unless he or she is wearing a florescent wear

(we) motorists will be in a stand-still and face horns and miss our only chance to cross the road or junction if we stop and let (we) pedestrians go.

(we) motorists know that the (we) pedestrian – unless it’s a woman with a kid or the kid alone – will move just in time ahead of the crash-path and it is ok to keep going at a very slow speed.

(we) motorists will soon see the other (we) pedestrians in their vehicle someday because it feels safe and cool ( of-course with the AC on) in a vehicle

(we) motorists always are in a hurry looking for the parking space if out of home.

The govt. should build infrastructure so that (we) motorists and (we) pedestrians do not cross each-others path.

Well!! so (we) motorists and (we) pedestrians are just the same except that one of us just went ahead and got a vehicle and can move a bit faster than autos and bus’.

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