Mindfulness and Meditation

I noticed an article on Huggington Post on Meditation and realized incorrect interpretations and instantly felt the need to respond

“I would humbly like to differ with the author on this topic. There is a difference between mindfulness and meditation – not to mention that the objectives for mindfulness and meditation are different as well.

Mindfulness is meant for being present at the moment in whatever you are doing; while medidation is meant to relax your mind by freeing yourself from any and all thoughts .

I would also like to point out that there is a lot of misconception that one has to go to retreats ; and through pains to practice meditation. Yes – it takes time and patience and cannot be achieved by a crash course or peer/social pressure.

During Meditation ( unlike in mindfulness ) the need to be still during practice has been suggested and recommended by practitioners just because the mind follows where the body moves thus making it difficult to free one from thoughts .

On the contrary, you can practice “concentration” as well become physically fit by Chinese practices like Tai-chi which is also called ‘moving meditation'”

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