Everybody needs inspiration and so did I. Of-course, there are none better than your mom and dad. But as usual you just don’t understand when they give it for free and with their heart and soul till you miss them.

My journey was to find one in daily life. I went on asking friends and family for help ( though succinctly) assuming that somebody would get the hint and guide me in my journey of life.

As I was already  hooked on books – and a lot of books – My personal library includes a lot on management, computer science, programming, religious, health, martial arts. I just added self help/personal growth and hit among many good authors. Though now I have been influenced by many ( I really mean many) , for now I will just mention one author who moved my core and made me rely on myself and who taught me that following simple daily routines is more than enough to take control of your life and propel ahead.

The guide is none other than Robin Sharma whose two books worth mentioning are Who Will Cry When You Die? and The Secret Letters Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

“Who Will Cry When You Die” was one of the first I picked up and moved by the simple inspirations and notes that one should value more in my day. I did read this book innumerable times and follow just few of the values/guidance to this date since years now. Some followings are just random or whenever I recall.

While I do follow some notes from Robin’s other guides like ‘The Leader Who Had No Title” and some of his audio tapes, I feel that “The Secret Letters..” is one of his best guides and worth to everyone of all ages. Robins guidance to live your dreams is too simple to fail.

PS: I wrote this post when I realized my nephew who is a student needed help to focus and move ahead of his challenges. While I  chatted with him on how to go ahead ,  I am confident that the book  I presented to him (“The Secret Letters Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”) will do a lot good and inspire.


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