Mindfulness and Meditation

I noticed an article on Huggington Post on Meditation and realized incorrect interpretations and instantly felt the need to respond

“I would humbly like to differ with the author on this topic. There is a difference between mindfulness and meditation – not to mention that the objectives for mindfulness and meditation are different as well.

Mindfulness is meant for being present at the moment in whatever you are doing; while medidation is meant to relax your mind by freeing yourself from any and all thoughts .

I would also like to point out that there is a lot of misconception that one has to go to retreats ; and through pains to practice meditation. Yes – it takes time and patience and cannot be achieved by a crash course or peer/social pressure.

During Meditation ( unlike in mindfulness ) the need to be still during practice has been suggested and recommended by practitioners just because the mind follows where the body moves thus making it difficult to free one from thoughts .

On the contrary, you can practice “concentration” as well become physically fit by Chinese practices like Tai-chi which is also called ‘moving meditation'”

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Everybody needs inspiration and so did I. Of-course, there are none better than your mom and dad. But as usual you just don’t understand when they give it for free and with their heart and soul till you miss them.

My journey was to find one in daily life. I went on asking friends and family for help ( though succinctly) assuming that somebody would get the hint and guide me in my journey of life.

As I was already  hooked on books – and a lot of books – My personal library includes a lot on management, computer science, programming, religious, health, martial arts. I just added self help/personal growth and hit among many good authors. Though now I have been influenced by many ( I really mean many) , for now I will just mention one author who moved my core and made me rely on myself and who taught me that following simple daily routines is more than enough to take control of your life and propel ahead.

The guide is none other than Robin Sharma whose two books worth mentioning are Who Will Cry When You Die? and The Secret Letters Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.

“Who Will Cry When You Die” was one of the first I picked up and moved by the simple inspirations and notes that one should value more in my day. I did read this book innumerable times and follow just few of the values/guidance to this date since years now. Some followings are just random or whenever I recall.

While I do follow some notes from Robin’s other guides like ‘The Leader Who Had No Title” and some of his audio tapes, I feel that “The Secret Letters..” is one of his best guides and worth to everyone of all ages. Robins guidance to live your dreams is too simple to fail.

PS: I wrote this post when I realized my nephew who is a student needed help to focus and move ahead of his challenges. While I  chatted with him on how to go ahead ,  I am confident that the book  I presented to him (“The Secret Letters Of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”) will do a lot good and inspire.


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God does not get angry!

God does not get angry … if you don’t cry

God does not get angry … if you help yourself

God does not get angry … if you keep trying

God does not get angry … if you help others

God does not get angry … if you pray!

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You! Driving my car.. wait!

Drive slowly.. Keep looking at the rear mirror every 10 seconds.. Don’t drive fast if you see a green signal, it may go orange. Watch the car on the left! watch the car on the right!. Don’t brake at the last moment- you have to anticipate and apply brakes from a distance.. Let your phone ring!.. Don’t even glance at it. Gosh!!.. what are you doing?.. you should have let the other car pass by. Relax!

[PS: This does not apply to me]

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Doing Nothing

‘Doing nothing’ can only be a Facebook status or a Tweet by an Indian ( I can include Asia – maybe). If one thinks rationally, it may sound weird and a waste of time. On a personal note though one says that he or she is ‘Doing Nothing’, during the time or course of the day – one keeps the mind busy thinking of past reflections, planning for the future , thinking strategies, being happy, walking around, being sad, taking a nap, reading a book, checking time, thinking about friends and just let time go by.

Should this be a time for reflection! At day end, I believe I should have been ‘Doing nothing’ somewhere near nature instead of home.

The end result of doing nothing should be that you be in a happy state of mind instead of regretting!

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Notes to All – Confessions of a new Car-Owner

Yes, I live in the Mumbai suburbs and have been part of commuting by auto, bus and seldom by trains.
I was one of the many who used to frown and get angry (never used to show on my face) whenever a motor vehicle – be it a motorcycle, auto, car or bus did not give me a chance to cross the road or would come speeding or moving slowly towards me so that I am unable to cross any road or junction.

Year-after-Year, it was the same me commuting by an auto or bus and the same me frowning upon the haves of motor vehicle for their indiscipline and non-empathy to pedestrians.

Bingo! End of 2008 and I booked one for myself (after a lot of introspection, watching car shows on the news channels). Well- it took me about half a year for the car to land in the town for me. Well – it landed in mid of 2009 and my life began as a haves.

And suddenly my perspective changed.
I do not despise the pedestrians though I felt that the so-called haves scorned at me when I was one. What I became aware of behind the wheels is a lot diverse:

(we) pedestrians are a smarter lot and are aware of the surroundings – we can sense the vehicles coming and calculate the time to move out of the hit-zone.

(we) pedestrians have only a moment of time and chance to calculate our move to the other side (cross the road I mean)

(we) pedestrians cannot wait for the coming vehicle to stop for us so that we can move ahead.
The govt. infrastructure prefers (I believe) that vehicles keep moving so that there is no traffic congestion elsewhere or behind.

(we) motorists cannot see a pedestrian at night unless he or she is wearing a florescent wear

(we) motorists will be in a stand-still and face horns and miss our only chance to cross the road or junction if we stop and let (we) pedestrians go.

(we) motorists know that the (we) pedestrian – unless it’s a woman with a kid or the kid alone – will move just in time ahead of the crash-path and it is ok to keep going at a very slow speed.

(we) motorists will soon see the other (we) pedestrians in their vehicle someday because it feels safe and cool ( of-course with the AC on) in a vehicle

(we) motorists always are in a hurry looking for the parking space if out of home.

The govt. should build infrastructure so that (we) motorists and (we) pedestrians do not cross each-others path.

Well!! so (we) motorists and (we) pedestrians are just the same except that one of us just went ahead and got a vehicle and can move a bit faster than autos and bus’.

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